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This view of Torcer was taken in the late 1950s, shortly before track realignment eliminated this almost perfect horseshoe curve.  A copy of a very bad photocopy, nevertheless it shows a problem encountered as trains began to grow longer.  Mr. Buddy Hudson, recent visitor to the museum and donor of this photo, was a former employee of Southern Pacific and said he was stationed here in his own "tricked out" caboose to help with the track realignment in 1959.  He said that these longer trains had a habit of derailing at this point, actually pulling cars off of the track due to the tight curve.  Note the Torcer Station in the right, middle ground of the photo and what appear to be diesel F-units pulling the train.
Upon retiring from Southern Pacific, Mr. Hudson contracted out as a hazardous materials abatement contractor on soon-to-be demolished Southern Pacific structures.  He placed the final call to bring in demolition crews on a number of depots across Texas.  Visiting with him was like talking to the "Angel of Death," considering our own recent, unsuccessful attempts to save the Sanderson depot.
Photo courtesy of Buddy Hudson