Searching for ancestors can be a lot of fun and an eye-opening experience, considering who you find on your family tree.  Below are some handy genealogy web links to start you on your journey.  Assistance is available from the Terrell County Museum staff if you don't know how to get started. 


If your ancestors came from or ever lived in Terrell County, we have a searchable database at the Museum using the book Terrell County Texas ~ Its Past ~ Its People, the preeminent history of our county, compiled by Alice Downie and covering events and family histories from the beginning up to 1978.  This recently reprinted book is also available for sale.  We also have a searchable database on site of over 2,000 digital photos scanned from the Museum collection.  Happy hunting!


Texas GenWeb Archives

Free Texas genealogy data online.  A good place to start


Clickable Texas County Map 

Use this to go to county genealogy web pages.


Social Security Death Index

This covers the SS death records for anyone ever enrolled in the program, up to 1975.


US GenWeb Archives

Free US genealogy data online.  Another good place to start if your relatives came from other states.


Cedar Grove Cemetery List with Obituaries

Compiled by Bill Perhealth and put in web format by Lauren Lampe, this database is vital for locating graves and obituaries for almost everyone laid to rest at Cedar Grove.  The data is accurate to Dec. 31, 2005.


Santa Rita Cemetery List with Obituaries 

This is a mostly complete list of graves at Santa Rita Cemetery in Sanderson, Texas.  We have now updated it to include many obituaries, and verified dates by death certificates and the Social Security Death Index.  Please contact us if you find a mistake or want to add a name or obituary, at


Find A Grave

A registery of millions of graves all across the US.  Often other family members have added information about the deceased.



This free site is proveded by the Mormons, who have the largest database of family information in the world, covering all of the US and many other countries.  They provide many services, including free online genealogy classes.  Included are census records, death certificates and birth, death and marriage records.


Catholic Archives of Texas

The Catholic Archives of Texas is a most valuable resource for the history of the Catholic Church in Texas and the Southwest. Spanning almost  four centuries, the database documents the spread of the Catholic Church in Northern Mexico and the Great Southwest of the United States.


Obituaries of Sanderson Folks not buried in Sanderson

These are people with who were born here or lived here but are not buried here.













































































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