This page is for deceased Terrell County residents or former residents who are buried outside the county.
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Wagner, Edward

Wagner, Georgia Mae Mrs. Ed

Walker, Sylvan G.

Wallace, Montie A.

Walters Delma R.

Weatherby, Cassie Ora Mrs. B. N.

Weatherby, Robert Walker

Weaver, Frank A.

Webster, Eva Carruthers

Weigand, Albert

Welch, Betty

Welling, Edgar

Wilson, Marion B.

Winn, Angie Billings

Winston,T. M. Molloy

Woodward Eddie May

Woodward Louis Ferrell

Woolsey, Norman Barr

Word, George Dewey



Yeates, Charles E. "Bosco"


Zepeda, Rodolpho Muoz

Zuberbueler, Blanche Chatham

Zepeda, Roman



Valadez Mary Isabell

Valenzuela, Paz Mrs. Pedro
Valles, Genaro S., Jr.

Valles, Manuel Mendez Jr.

Vara, Jose

Venegas, Maria

Villarreal, Jesus

Villegas, Augustina 

Vincent, James Donald


Terrell County Memorial Museum


Talbot, Jim
Talbot , William "Budgy"

Tarin, Adelita Barrera Mrs. Frankie

Tessman, Alvina
Thompson, David

Thompson, Emma Payne Mrs. Henry

Toler-Ammons Ezell, Mollie Lindow
Torres, Eloise Loy

Torres, Ricarda B. Mrs. Alexander

Travis, James

Treadaway, Joe Richard "Dicky"

Trevino, Luciano

Turner, Fred



Salazar, Arturo

Salazar, Enriqueta

Sanchez, Hortensia

Sanchez, Magdalena Villegas Molano

Sanders, J. W. "Gabby"

Sarabia, Alejandro F.

Sarabia Ascencion F.

Scott, Dr. Preston
Searcy, Elmo Rae
Secrest, Boettger, E. Jeanne

Secrest, Elton

Sessoms, Calista Mrs. J. W.

Shaw, George

Shelton, Lillie Mae Mrs. A. A.

Sivils, Lamon

Slade, Miles Leon

Slater, Drew Aaron

Slaughter, Sidney E.

Slover, Francis Y.         2nd

Smith, Charles Grant

Smith, Chester James

Smith, Duane E.

Smith Jack Cleigh
Smith, Kathryn Lois

Smith Tom

Spann, Doris Mrs. J. E.

Stanley, Leland M.

Stansell, Alyce Garrett

Stansell, Calvin

Stansell, Walter "Bones"

Stapp, Myrtle Chandler Malone
Stapp, Elmo Dean

Stapp, Rosa Ellen

Starr, Mae

Stavley, Charles Jonathan

Stavley, William Ernest

Stevenson, Robert Lee

Stirman, Ima Leslie Sheffield

Stirman, Rufe Edwin

Stone, Wanda Lee Legrand

Stuckey,  Alice Mrs. H. L.



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