Above: Margaret Pea's car came to rest against a rent house
Middle: West side of Barton Massey residence in west Sanderson
Bottom:  US Post Office suffered water damage but not much destruction
Above: Kenneth Epperson home west of the Post Office
Middle: Manuel Valles home - arrows point to the foundation - the home was swept away completely
Bottom:  Railroad house where Stovers lived - note wool by street sign and wool draped on porch bannisters
The Flood of 1965
A community in turmoil
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Looking south on Persimmon to depot.  Turner (Kerr) Hotel to right and TC Tax Office to left, beyond store.
Looking southeast to depot.  Back of old Sanderson Bank and TC Tax office center right.
Looking due south from back of Kerr Mercantile to old engine yards.
A very flooded Eagle Field
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