Above:  Front of Sunset Siesta Motel, with office completely swept away.
Below:  Rear view of Sunset Siesta Motel, looking east, showing extensive erosion
Above:  West side of Hwy 90 bridge looking southeast - note wool caught in railing.  Wool was found sticking to telephone poles, 7 feet from the ground, marking the depth of the water once it jumped the creek bank.
Middle:  Northeast of Hwy 90 bridge, looking west
Bottom:  Remains of Sanderson Motel, center, showing massive erosion, and destruction of homes on the north bank of Sanderson Creek.
Above:  Jesus Marquez, Jr. home - lost its walls but not its curtains.
Middle: Jesus Marquez, Sr. home - flood waters picked it up and shoved it against the adjacent home.
Below:  Another house, washed up in front of Cedar Grove Cemetery
The Flood of 1965
A community in turmoil
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Photos courtesy of the Grigsby Collection at Terrell County Memorial Museum