The Flood of 1965
A community in turmoil
Above and below: Kerr Mercantile Lumberyard.  This building dated from 1900-1902 and was the Hancock and Hancock Store.  Joe Kerr bought out the Hancock brothers, eventually bringing his brother, Jim, into the business as a partner, and launching the Kerr family enterprises in Sanderson.  The building was deemed too damaged to save and was demolished.
Above: Southeast corner of Wool Commission building    Below: West side of Wool Commission building
Loss of the wool commission building was a setback to the wool industry in Terrell County.  The warehouse was full of wool waiting to be shipped to markets.  Much of the wool floated down the creek and photos show wool hanging from fences, trees, bushes and wreckage.  The Wool Commission honored all contracts and ranchers were paid for the wool stored on the premises.
Above:  Railroad track west of Sanderson, looking east towards the demolished railroad bridge.  Middle:  Remains of railyard on west side, looking east - Southern Pacific depot is behind the tank cars.  Bottom: Another shot of the railyard west of the depot, looking west.  Rock crusher is in the background.
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Photos courtesy of the Grigsby Collection at Terrell County Memorial Museum