The Historic 1882 Depot
at Sanderson, Texas
A true icon of the wild west, the Sanderson Depot is a symbol of the determination of a rugged band of pioneers who carved a new life for themselves from the unrelenting environment of the last frontier of Texas.  The story of the Depot is the story of Sanderson.  In its long life it has witnessed the worst and the best that life has to offer.  From common train robbers to honored presidents, from moments of abject defeat to moments of glorious success, from the most primitive modes of transportation to the gleaming pinnacles of technology, the depot ... and Sanderson ... has seen it all. 
It is a story that begins in the early 1880s, when there was nothing here but a Seminole Scout trail, winding its way through mountains and valleys, and ferocious wildlife living in endless miles of cactus .  It is a story of 3000 Chinese and Irish punching their way through the wilderness, laying ribbons of steel that would bring civilization, for better or worse, to West Texas.  It is a story of daring men who siezed the opportunity to create huge ranches and wring a living from the land, of men of all races who came to work for the railroad and better their lives with a higher standard of living.  It is a story of men and women who were strong of body and mind and with great determination, who dared to make a new life for themselves and their children. 
It is the story of the depot ... and Sanderson.                                                               (continue)