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Santa Rita Cemetery

 The Terrell County Memorial Museum is happy to offer this information to the public, the culmination of work begun by the Rev. Bill Perhealth and completed by Curator Bill Smith.  The information is based on a masterlist of burials at Santa Rita Cemetery found online.  Unfortunately, the original list was found to be inaccurate in many of the dates and the user is cautioned to do further research to validate the infomation given.  The author has tried to verify information by going to death certificates and the Social Security Death Index, readily available online, but some dates could not be verified due to the lack of documentation.  It is, however, a good starting point for those tracking down family history.  Obituaries are often found to be inaccurate, depending upon who supplied the information, and even death certificates and SSDI documents contain errors.  However, death certificates and SSDI documents are used as the final authority, in most cases, and will be indicated by an asterisk (*) for death certificate information or double asterisk (**) for SSDI information.  If there is no notation for a burial, the information is supplied as found on the original list, and may or may not be accurate.  The user is cautioned to verify any information they find on this site.


Work will continue, adding information supplied by family members or found by further research.  Eventually a photo of each grave marker will be added, where available.  If you have an obituary for a particular burial and would like to add it to our database, it can be scanned and the original returned, in most cases, in about ten minutesí time.


Users will note that much new information was found for pre-flood burials, verified by death certificates.  Other burials can be verified by funeral cards and funeral documents provided by family members.  If you find that a relative is not on this list and you have concrete, dated proof that they are buried at Santa Rita, please share that information with Curator Bill Smith and he will update the record to reflect the new information.  If you have a question or comment, please contact Mr. Smith at wsmith1948@yahoo.com, by phone at 432-244-9289, or at the Museum during business hours at 432-345-2936.  The Museum is open from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and by appointment on Saturday.


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If information in an obituary is found to be insensitive or objectionable to family members, the author will gladly edit disagreeable portions or remove the obituary.  The obituaries are exact photocopies of the originals and reflect the language and prejudices of the time.  However, the Museum is a family-oriented organization and we will make every effort to honor the memories of loved ones.