Terrell County Memorial Museum

Sanderson, Texas

This is one of the great photos from our collection at the museum and I posted it a few years ago, but here it is again from Mrs. Grigsby's scrapbook.  The caption from the Times had a lot of information on this photo loaned by Mrs. F. K. Harrell in 1966.


The man in white standing in the entrance of the cab is F. K. Harrell (owner of the Ex-Pecos County Saloon,) and standing to the front of the cab is S. E. "Swede" Petersen.  At the extreme right sitting on the engine is Ray McLean in cap, white shirt and bib overalls.  On the ground, starting at the left is Bill Reed, the next four unidentified, the sixth man from the left in the darker shirt and cap is John Clark, then W. D. Hunter in white hat (who owned the Cottage Bar Saloon at this time,) S. C. Bodkin, J. C. Stansell (station agent,) Charlie Craig, Presiliano Escamilla, Sr. and Will Locke (brother to Effie (Mrs. Roy) Harrell.)  The last two men are unidentified.  The caption is a little confusing and doesn't quite match the number of men present.  If you can identify any of these men or want to challenge Albert's caption, please speak up.


The railroad at this time, probably in the early 1900s, was called the Galveston, Harrisburg and San Antonio Railway.  The name changed in 1923 to Texas and New Orleans and became Southern Pacific in the 1950s.  It was always a subsidiary of the SPRR.  The engine is a switch engine built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works as indicated by the builder's plaque located on the boiler and much clearer in the original.  The headlamp is an oil lamp, indicating a very old engine, probably still operating on coal.  Oil-fired engines were introduced in 1913 on this section of the railroad. 


If any of Mrs. Harrell's descendants have access to the original of this photo, the Museum would be very interested in obtaining a clear copy or scan of it.  This newspaper scan is the best we have, but the original could be adjusted with photo software to bring out details.